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Teach the Children A CHRISTMAS PORTRAIT to Remember, Copyright 2009, is now available in a free black and white edition, aChristmasPortrait.com.   It can be downloaded into personal computers.   Although this work is not deemed to be in its final form, Linda D. Washburn feels impelled to promote and share her work this Christmas Season due to our perilous time when the United States constitution and freedom are at risk!   Linda feels that this 2009 Season is especially crucial to our families and nation in which to turn hearts back to God.  This reading lends itself as a great Twenty-Four-Days-before-Christmas Reading wherein Christmas things become spontaneous gospel lessons!

Linda and her husband are the parents of nine, and have 37 grandchildren. They are graduates of Brigham Young University, Provo, Utah.  Both were raised in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, nicknamed LDS or The Mormons.   Linda is not to be considered a spokesman for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, but unavoidably incorporates its doctrine in the course of expressing her own personal testimony as she applies her convictions to each Christmas décor and tradition.   Her testimony has arisen from study, faith, and divine interventions: personal experiences which have borne  witness of gospel truths.

Years ago, Linda was given and ignored a reading about a visit by Santa which she eventually read and began some revisions for a handout during a Christmas lesson.   The joy felt by her discovering and pondering Christmas symbolism began a passion to decipher Christmas tradition.   Since then, she has developed the original reading into which she now feels is reasonably encompassing, but encourages all to ponder and begin establishing personal reminders from amongst their own Christmas settings and traditions to remember Christ and to recognize the parable of God’s plan that Christmastime offers.

One of her most gratifying accomplishments is her interpretation of Santa Claus and all that is associated with his world.   For many years while raising her nine, Linda wrestled with the “whys” of this tale, allowing little regard for it!  Concluding her fitting representation only recently, she is anxious to share it, giving filled-to-capacity-value for this Jolly Ole’ Soul’s tale!  Her favorite time of the Season was when she was able to relax at night in front of a crackling fire:  room lights off, Christmas tree lights on, soft Christmas music playing, experiencing the peace of the moment.  One of her most vivid memories from her father’s stories about his younger years was when cocooning himself with bedding, awakening to ice-crystalline breath.  Both are now incorporated into understanding her symbolism, along with countless other unique and some commonly known imagery, applied to most all Christmas things and traditions in this much needed, captivating reading.

Today, her favorite time is when her children and their families eagerly gather.  She sits back and witnesses the countless blessings bestowed upon her family because of Christ: faith, unity, love, joy, peace, hope, happiness, contentment, patience, compassion, forgiveness, integrity, fidelity, industriousness, self-reliance, and strong families!   These are blessings beyond compare as promised by Christ:  truly a testament of her reading to remember Christ!



Please, do download this new online reading: currently available in text-only format although its content is subject to further scriptural referencing and editing.   Watch for a colorful, fully illustrated book:  comments and donations towards this production would be greatly appreciated and can be made on the website, aChristmasPortrait.com.

The author sincerely desires to enrich Christmastime by connecting traditions and holiday things to Christmas’ true purpose!  For this reason and since no publisher is involved, a pre-publishing, online, black and white, text-only edition is being made available to the public so the text can be downloaded to personal computers.  Readers have the opportunity to create their own symbolisms to remember if they do not wish to use what is presented.

Because this is a copyrighted work, reproduction for sales is prohibited.   However, in the spirit of integrity and of remembering Christ, an honor code is in effect to respect the authorship of this writer: e-mailing or transferring this black and white file to other computers is permitted if the content of this entire reading is given to maintain the integrity of the author’s writing.  Coach others to donate towards the publishing of a colorful, fully illustrated book and receive their text, colored online edition, now; aChristmasPortrait.com!   Subject to response, funds will be set aside for charity after website, accompanying costs, art work, and publishing expenses of the book have been met!   Hard copies having no charge may be used for handouts or sharing to help others remember the true purpose of Christmas.    Although this work is not deemed to be in its final form, Linda D. Washburn feels impressed to share her work this 2009 Christmas Season because of  perilous times as our United States constitution and freedom are at risk!   Linda feels that this Season is especially crucial to our families and nation in which  to turn hearts back to God.

Scriptures documenting the reading are taken from the Holy Bible, King James Version, and they are only samples from many related to the symbolism in the reading.  The King James Version printed by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints offers cross referencing which makes bible study more viable and engaging.   The Bible and all of the Standard Works of the Church are found on LDS.org and can be read online.  Inquiries for further information can also be handled on the LDS.org website:  missionary lessons are available in your home, by request.

Because some printers tend to move text differently than others, our attempt to keep the text from moving as formatted, may be futile.  We apologize for any inconvenience.  Let us know!

Christmas 2009!
Turning Hearts Back to Our Heavenly Father and Christ!